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Those Fantastic Featherweights, Maintenance DVD

Dave McCallum brings his retired engineering skills to skillfully teach you the ins and outs to Featherweight maintenance.  After publishing his book The Featherweight 221 and I (sold separately), Dave brought us his expertise to film.... or disk, rather,  It's like having that Featherweight maintenance fellow and friend right there at your side, teaching you all along the way.  Dave will guide you through each step of routine maintenance, servicing, repair and cleaning as well as showing you problems that may occur with your Featherweight and how to fix them -- yourself!  Detailed close-ups for easy viewing.  Push pause on your DVD Player until you're ready to move on to the next step.  One of the most sought after Maintenance Guides by Featherweight enthusiasts.  

  • History of the Featherweight
  • Specific Tool Requirements
  • Maintenance Instruction for the 221
    with separate sections featuring the White 221K and the 222K models
  • Exact Oiling Locations
  • Operation of the Machine
  • Electrical Considerations
  • Motor Belt Adjustment and Replacement
  • Machine Timing
  • Refurbishing and Curing an Odoriferous Case
  • Paint Restoration
  • and many more subjects!


  • Disc 2 contains a special section featuring the Singer Model 301 (301A) Slant Needle


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