Monday, July 1st
1:00 pm
American Classic: Missouri Star Mondays: American Classic July 1st
Friday, July 5th
9:00 am
SewAllDayJuly: Sew All Day (The Day Version of the Sew Till Midnight) 9 am to 3:30 pm
4:00 pm
MidnightJuly: Sew Till Midnight 4pm to Midnight July 5th
Monday, July 8th
1:00 pm
Missouri Star Mondays: Sunny Skies
Wednesday, July 10th
10:30 am
Flamingo: Laura Heine Flamingo Collage Applique - Teeny Tiny Flamingo
Monday, July 15th
1:00 pm
Missouri Star Mondays: Summer Camp
Tuesday, July 16th
1:00 pm
Kimberbell July Program
5:00 pm
Kimberbell July Program
Friday, July 19th
10:30 am
PlaidQuilt: Plaid Quilt
Monday, July 22nd
1:00 pm
Golden Tiger - Seasonal Project
Tuesday, July 23rd
1:00 pm
Little Kid T-shirt Dress (2T - 6T) Knit or Rayon - Tuesday, July 23
Wednesday, July 24th
1:00 pm
Pamkimono: Adult Kimono - GARMENT SEWING SKILL BUILDING TECHNIQUES class with Pam - Wednesday, July 24
Friday, July 26th
10:00 am
Mystery Block of the Month - Pick Up Date
12:00 pm
TeenyTinyDress: The Dress - Teeny Tiny Collage Class - July 26
Monday, July 29th
1:00 pm
Missouri Star Mondays: Goodnight Irene